Our July Projects:

Classic Artist Box

Our July ‘Classic’ members will learn tips and tricks to help paint realistic portraits that actually look like the person you are painting!!!!! You will also have access to our previous lessons about painting facial features! During the lesson, you will gain understanding of how to use acrylic paint to put all the shapes of a person’s face together in a way that truly looks “right”!

Whether you’re an artist, someone who plans to sell work some day, or creating as a hobby, the supplies and instruction will help you in your quest!

Art School Box

During these summer months, this box will feature the same supplies and projects as the Classic Artist Box. If you want the Art School Box now AND during the school year, still subscribe to the Art School Box!!! (ages 12+)

This box is perfectly formulated for home educated students looking to enhance their art education! We love to serve co-ops and other homeschool groups looking for an easy to use curriculum and supply bundle.

Elementary Artist Box


JUNE: This month our Kids boxes teach how to create some sweet treats! Our leveled approach helps parents know how the child is doing based on their artistic development. Each age group has a different completion goal for this project. (ages 3-11)

Box includes written and video instructions, supplies, and a surprise!

Preschool Artist Box


This Preschool box is essentially the same as the Elementary box, except that it includes some things to make the process more age-appropriate such as learning to create a simple outline and color things in (gotta practice those preschool skills while home in quarantine!)!

Parents are expected to accompany the child through the project to help manage messes and ensure safety.

ProjPack Boxes

Our new ProjPack box format gives you shoppable projects so you can choose the project design you want and buy for 1-6 people! We will soon have options for preschool, elementary, and those ages 12+